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Champagne hair

 Natural blond baby hair Champagne

YES, natural baby blond not colored do exist! We have them!

It is such a limited source of natural blond hair that these hair are not available for wholesale.

Young girls have a tendency with age to become darker so these hair are cut before the hair starts to be darker. Therefore are not available in long lenghts – simply does not grow that long. As you can see on the photos 35cm is just perfect.

Ideal for blonds. Very light hair which are suitable for sensitive hair where other hair extensions would cause serious damage. There is no other blond then non colored blond. Human eye can recognise the difference.

Prodlužování vlasů Afroditi

Natural baby blond hair

What is the orgin of natural byby blond hair from AFRODITI?

We have a ritual of first communion in churches where the priest symbolically cuts the first ponytail. The ritual represents giving part of the body to the divine hands. These ponytails are later in auction sold and the revenue is given to charity programs. AFRODITI is head of this program.

Another source is our own hair collection. Young princesses tend to get bored of brushing they beautiful long hair and they decide for fashionable shorter style with a perspective to gain significant pocket money.